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Sr Geneviève (Céline) to Sr Françoise Thérèse – October 24, 1911

MARTIN Céline, Sister Geneviève of the Holy Face
MARTIN Léonie, Sister Françoise-Thérèse


Sr Geneviève de la Ste Face to her sister Françoise Thérèse
Jesus + October 24, 1911
My dear little Leonie,
I won't take long, I'm just sending you a photograph of a drawing I just finished. It was our Mother who asked me to do it, I did it this summer during my free time. Don't show it to Jeanne, we haven't spoken to her about it yet, it will remain in my boxes, our Mother will only send this picture to close friends like Gallipoli. When I have a moment she also asks me for a portrait of the 5 of us as young girls before Pauline's departure, Thérèse will therefore only be 8 years old. It will be 5 heads in gradient like the drawing of the nuns.
Here's some rambling my Léonie, it seems to me that I'm talking to you in choppy sentences, it's because I'm afraid Matins will ring
Thank you for your birthday wishes, I knew very well that you had not forgotten me... The morning of Ste Céline Thérèse gave me its perfumes, it had been a long time since I had been favored by it.
And your little “Céline” flowers! Oh ! thank you... they are next to baby Jesus in the oratory of the Blessed Virgin. This little bouquet touched me.
I would be happy to receive a word when you can, to know if Thérèse and Céline please you. At the same time please tell me what I should do with the 5 cotton shirts marked LM made by me. I always keep them, being convinced that they were those of Thérèse, the postulant, because I remember having made shirts for her before she entered, at my sewing machine, because I didn't give her mine and I probably wanted make him a little outfit. Then she had to return them, that's when you would have had them and marked them with your initials. Please try to recall your memories, but I don't remember having made you shirts, it seems to me that it was for Thérèse. It would be unfortunate to lose these relics through lack of thought.
I remember Tom's story very well, I see him still lying dying in the laundry room and Therese giving him steak in sauce in bites, hiding a bit of bread under the meat like you would a sick child. I hadn't thought of looking at this fact as extraordinary, but it's true that it was she who rescued him from death.
Here is the clock which strikes, I kiss you dear little sister. I will think of you well during your retirement.
Your little sister Sr Geneviève of Ste Thérèse
thank you

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