André-Marie de la Croix Father

Known as : PRADAL Henry

Anne of the Sacred Heart

Known as : Marie de Souza

BALLESTRERO Alberto Mr. Cardinal

Known as : Anastasius of the Most Holy Rosary

BASIL of the Holy Name of Mary Father

Known as : AUDUBERT Basil

BOHARD Claire Ms.

Known as : Ms. Hilarion LECOMTE

CHAUVIN Berthe, Mrs. Fillion

Known as : fillion

DOVE Adrienne, Madame Delandre

Known as : DELANDRE

DELATROËTTE Jean-Baptiste Canon

Known as : Jean-Baptiste Delatroette

DUPONT Marie, Sister St John the Evangelist

Known as : St John the Evangelist

FOURNET Ernestine Élisa, born PETIT

Known as : Ernestine PETIT

Geneviève of Saint Therese Mother

Known as : Claire-Bertrand

GOURDIN Berthe Madame Narbonne

Known as : Narbonne


Known as : Celine Fournet


Known as : Jeanne La Neele

GUERIN Marie-Louise, Sr Marie-Dosithée

Known as : Marie-Dosithee

GUERIN Marie, Sister Marie of the Eucharist

Known as : Mary of the Eucharist

GUERIN Zélie, Mrs. Louis Martin

Known as : Zelie Martin

Hermance of the Heart of Jesus

Known as : Hermance Pichery, Hermance of the Heart of Jesus

LA NEELE Francis

Known as : Doctor La Néele, Francisque Lucien Sulpice La Néele

THE DOOR Edith de, Mme Gaston de Mesmay

Known as : Gaston de Mesmay

LACAUVE Henri-Charles de

Known as : Commander Henri-Charles de Lacauve

MACE Marie-Françoise, Mother Marie-Marguerite

Known as : Marie-Marguerite Macé

Magdalene of Jesus

Known as : Lise Lamoureux

MARAIS Louise, Mrs Edouard Legendre

Known as : Edouard Legendre

Marie de Gonzague

Known as : Marie Davy de Virville

Mary of the Trinity Sister

Known as : Marie Louise Castel

Mary of Saint Joseph

Known as : Mary Campain

Mary of the Angels

Known as : Joan of Chaumontel

Mary Joseph of the Cross

Known as : Huse Marcelline, Mary Joseph of the Cross

Martha of Jesus

Known as : Florence Gauvin

MARTIN Céline, Sister Geneviève of the Holy Face

Known as : Mary of the Holy Face, Genevieve of Saint Thérèse, Genevieve of the Holy Face

MARTIN Léonie, Sister Françoise-Thérèse

Known as : Therese-Dosithee, Francoise-Therese

MARTIN Marie, Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart

Known as : Mary of the Sacred Heart

MARTIN Pauline, Mother Agnes of Jesus

Known as : Agnes of Jesus, Agnes of Jesus

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus

Known as : Therese of the Child Jesus, Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face

MAUDELONDE Celine, Mrs Pottier

Known as : Celine Pottier, Mrs Potter, Ms Gaston Pottier

NOGRIX Marie Florentine

Known as : Marie Florentine Poullain

PAPINAU Madame Veuve Jules, born Valentine Cochain

Known as : COCHAIN ​​Valentine

PIAT Stéphane-Joseph Père

Known as : Maurice Piat, Stephane Piat

Saint John the Baptist, Sister

Known as : Estelle Dupont


Known as : LOUTREL Marie

ROOMS Mademoiselle

Known as : Clementine Saal

Therese of Saint Augustine

Known as : Julia Leroyer

VETILLART Marie-Louise de Gonzague, Sister

Known as : VETILLART Marie-Louise