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Genealogy of the Martins and Guérins

This genealogy was created by Daniel Audibert - last update: February 2014.

One day, my son wanted to establish our rather scattered genealogy. 

All my maternal branch is Norman (Orne, Calvados and Manche). Having gone back quite far in the centuries, and as I knew that Mr. Martin had ancestors in Normandy, I began to trace the genealogy of Ste Thérèse, being curious to know if he could have a relationship. And indeed I found a link (common ancestors the Desvaux family of Pont-Ecrepin).

As for the sources, the essentials have been found:
at the archives of the Orne (on site and on the online archives on the internet);
in the Mayenne archives in Laval;
in the archives of Calvados;
at the Eure archives (internet online archives);
at the Loir et Cher archives (internet online archives). For this region, I am a little late, the archives not having all been put online.

Through the association of which I am a member (EGBMN) thanks to the Geneabank points (exchange grants), I looked for civil status, but also notarial deeds when there are any. This research takes time, and I am certainly far from finished.

This genealogy is dedicated to Mr. Louis Gervais, miraculously cured by Thérèse in 1930 of bone tuberculosis, to Mr. Abbé Chesnier and of course to Ste Thérèse, with his parents.

Daniel Audibert

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