the Carmel

Tom, Therese's dog

This white spaniel was given to Thérèse by Mr. Martin on June 26, 1884.

After Thérèse entered the Carmel, the dog was taken once to the parlor of the Carmel, where he leapt onto the gate to try to join his little mistress. What he could not do that day, he realized at the end of 1889: having followed the furniture from Les Buissonnets deposited in the Carmel, he quickly spotted Thérèse among the sisters who received the furniture and leapt on her, doing a thousand jumps beside him. Therese took him under her white novice veil, very moved. We do not know how long he stayed with the Guérins, after the death of Mr. Martin and the entry of Céline into the Carmel on September 14, 1894.

See also a late letter by Celine.

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