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VALLEY Marie-Aloysia Sister

Marie-Hilaire Aloysia Vallée, born December 21, 1841 in Argenton-Château (Deux-Sèvres) and died on December 1er May 1903 at the Visitation of Le Mans.

She made her profession at the Visitation of Le Mans at the age of 27 on 1er July 1868.

She was the teacher of Pauline and Marie Martin at the Visitation boarding school in Le Mans from 1868 to 1876.

“I became madly attached to another of my mistresses (Sr. Aloysia Vallée) whom I already loved very much, and, as had happened with Sr. Jeanne Charlotte, she repaid me. But what misery are these exaggerated affections! Oh my God, why didn't I just love you! Why have I let my wings be clipped and burned so many times, in this deceptive flame of the vain affection of creatures! I took this poor flame for the true light of happiness, but it went out, and I remained wounded, waiting from your mercy for "brighter and lighter wings to fly towards you, Lord Divine Fire, which alone burns without consumer".

Sr Marie-Aloysia died in 1904 [actually 1903]. The Superior of the Visitation of Le Mans sent me her crucifix. I placed it prominently in the warehouse, and often while looking at it, I think of these words from the Imitation: "Love and keep as a friend the one who will not leave you when all others abandon you...." .

Intimate memories of Pauline Martin

Nicknamed Aunt Aloysia, she is very appreciated by the Martin girls, who will keep in touch with her even after their schooling. Thérèse wrote him a letter on April 3, 1894 (to Latvia). She also mentions it in her very first letter (to Louise Magdelaine, Pauline's boarding companion), on April 4, 1877 (to Latvia).

“Dear Aunt, allow me to give you that name again, it was you that I was thinking of when meditating on the gift I wanted to give to our Reverend Mother [Agnès] for her first day as prioress”

to Latvia

“Farewell my little Louise I send you a big kiss, kiss the Visitation for me, that is to say my sister Marie Aolysia [Aloysia] and my sister Louise de Bonzague because I do not know any other world”

to Latvia

Sister Marie-Aloysia wrote three letters to Thérèse. The last one, dating from 1894, was lost:

On January 21, 1894, Thérèse offered Mother Agnès of Jesus the painting entitled “The Dream of the Child Jesus”, so that she could send it to Sister Aloysia. The latter is accompanied by a letter (to Latvia) in which Thérèse comments on it.

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