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MARTIN Marie, Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart

Also known as: Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart

Born February 22, 1860 - Died January 19, 1940 in the Carmel of Lisieux

Marie-Louise-Joséphine, born in Alençon. Studied at the Visitation of Le Mans (1868-1875). Back in Alençon, she works with her mother and teaches her little sisters. After Mrs. Martin's death, the whole family moved to Lisieux to be closer to their Guérin parents. Marie takes over the management of the house at Les Buissonnets. She entered the Carmel of Lisieux in 1886 and took the name of Sr Marie du Sacré-Coeur. She provokes the writing of her sister Thérèse's childhood memories and the secrets of her "little doctrine", sources of the Story of a Soul. She is the official, affectionate and faithful correspondent of her sister Léonie before and after her entry into the Visitation of Caen. Crippled by rheumatism, the last ten years of her life will be very painful. She becomes more and more dependent, she who wanted to be "free"! She lived them with courage, to console Jesus and save souls to him, her smile and her kindness making the admiration of her Carmelite sisters.

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Marie Martin, Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart

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