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Born August 22, 1823 in Bordeaux - Died in La Musse July 29, 1894

Louis-Joseph-Aloys-Stanislas Martin, born in Bordeaux. Grandson and son of a captain, Louis will live his childhood, tossed about by the rhythm of his father's changes: Bordeaux, Avignon, Strasbourg. This one, on his retirement, will settle in Alençon with his family. Captain Martin devoted his leisure to works of charity and communicated to his son his deep piety. Louis learned about watchmaking from a cousin of his father in Rennes. He thinks of religious life (at the Grand St Bernard) but is not admitted. He will perfect his craft in Strasbourg and Paris. In 1850, he bought a watchmaking business in Alençon and moved in with his parents, rue du Pont-neuf. In 1858, he married Azélie Guérin. They will have 9 children, 4 of whom died at a young age. A widower in 1877, he moved to Lisieux at Les Buissonnets to allow his daughters to benefit from the affection of their uncle and aunt Guérin. He leads a profound Christian life, attentive to the education of his daughters. Affected by cerebral arteriosclerosis, which required him to enter a nursing home, the Bon Sauveur de Caen, he stayed there for 3 years, then returned to Lisieux where he was treated with his family by Céline, Léonie and the Guérins. It was at their home, in their property in La Musse, in the Eure, that he died on July 29, 1894.

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