the Carmel


Also known as: Madame Jeanne La Néele

Marie-Elisa-Jeanne Guerin

First cousin of the Martin girls.

Born in Lisieux and died in Nogent-le-Rotrou (Eure-et-Loir). Daughter of Isidore Guérin and Céline Guérin-Fournet. She married Dr. Francis La Née on October 1.10.1890, 1900 and went to live in Caen. Her great sadness was not being able to have children. When his mother died (1916), the La Néele family came to live in Lisieux to be closer to Isidore. After the death of her husband in XNUMX, Jeanne adopted a great-niece of the latter. It was with the latter that she spent the last years of her life, in Nogent-le Rotrou.

A recording of Jeanne Guérin singing Thérèse's poem A leafless rose is retained. Click here to listen to it.

You can also read his testimonial at Ordinary trial and the one at Apostolic Process.

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