the Carmel

HODIERNE Zacharie-Jules-Eugene Father

Born March 15, 1836 in Lion-sur-Mer, died August 27, 1900 in Lisieux.

He was chaplain and confessor of the Carmel of Lisieux from 1869 to 1872. He gave sermons at the veiling ceremonies of Sr Marguerite-Marie and Sr Thérèse of St Augustin. Reappointed to the same position from October 1897 until his death, it was he who preached the community retreat in 1897.

On her arrival, Sr. Aimée of Jesus wrote to her family: “We have a new chaplain, very pious. A little old is an evil without remedy! He deploys his strong and beautiful voice to sing the praises of God. He is a musician at heart. Maurice Bellière had him as a music teacher for many years.

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