the Carmel

HASSEBROUCQ Madame Paul, born Marie-Ghislaine-Emilie Logé

Born October 30, 1872 in Namur (Belgium), died October 13, 1937 in Uccle (Belgium).

Mrs. Hassebroucq, a 26-year-old widow, came to Lisieux on a pilgrimage and complained about the difficulty of visiting Les Buissonnets and the poor reception of the people who lived there. In the parlor, Sr. Geneviève said to her: “Since you are free, hire them! What she did and from February 13, 1911, Mrs. Hassebroucq and her three daughters began their role as hostesses of the premises until September 1912. She testified at the Non-Cult Trial, September 11, 1911, Session VII.

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