the Carmel

LA NEELE Francis

Also known as: Doctor La Néele, Francisque Lucien Sulpice La Néele

Born in Paris, did his humanities with the Jesuits; 1st class pharmacist, medical doctor. Engagement (8.6.1890), then marriage with Jeanne Guérin (1.10.1890). Sells his pharmacy (26.11.1891), he opens a medical practice in Caen. Came to live in Lisieux in 1900 with his stepfather, he campaigned alongside him against the anticlerical party of Lisieux.

He was a medical examiner during the first exhumation of Thérèse on September 6, 1910.

A recording of his voice and that of his wife Jeanne Guérin is kept. Click here to listen to it.

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