the Carmel

DENIS DE MAROY Joseph-Pierre-Eugène-Marie Canon

Born March 20, 1871 in Paris, died December 29, 1962 in Lisieux.

A friend of the Guérin and La Néele families, he had seen in the parlor of the Carmel, being a seminarian, the Martin sisters: Marie, Pauline, Céline and Thérèse.

Originally from Lisieux, he would have liked to be ordained in Lisieux, but he was ordained in Bayeux on September 18, 1897 and said his first mass at the Carmel of Lisieux on Sunday 19.

In 1958, Abbé Denis said that Thérèse, for this first mass at the Carmel, had given him roses to adorn his chalice, after having kissed them. After mass, Thérèse asked to see her chalice and she looked for a long time at the bottom of the cup. CJ 19.9

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