the Carmel


This small town is located one league from Lisieux (just over four kilometres). It was here that Thérèse often accompanied her father fishing.

"They were good days for me, those when my darling king took me fishing with him, I loved the countryside, the flowers and the birds so much! Sometimes I tried to fish with my little line, but I preferred going to sit alone on the flowering grass, then my thoughts were very deep and without knowing what it was to meditate, my soul was immersed in a real prayer... I listened to distant sounds... The murmur of the wind and even the indecisive music of the soldiers whose sound reached me gently melancholy my heart. The earth seemed to me a place of exile and I dreamed of Heaven... The afternoon passed quickly, soon I had to to return to Les Buissonnets, but before leaving I took the snack I had brought in my little basket; the beautiful slice of jam you had prepared for me had changed in appearance: instead of its bright color I could only see 'a slight pink tint, all aged and returned... so the earth seemed to me even more t and I understood that in Heaven only joy would be cloudless..."

Ms A 14 v°
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