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Paul Banaston and Labbey streets

On February 12, 1889, Louis Martin was interned at the Bon Sauveur in Caen. He will stay there for three years. Until May 14, her daughters Céline and Léonie stayed with the Sisters of Saint Vincent de Paul in Caen so that they could go and visit her more easily. They will then return to bushes.

On April 20, 1889, Isidore Guérin bought the house located at 19, rue Paul Banaston (previously named rue de la Chaussée) in Lisieux. The latter previously belonged to the Doctor Notta, Thérèse's doctor.

The Guérin family did not live there immediately: from March 25 to June 7, 1889, they lived in "La Maison Sauvage" at 16, rue Condorcet, then moved to Les Buissonnets with Céline and Léonie. In July, everyone leaves for la muse for summer vacation. It was after these vacations that the Guérins moved to rue Paul Banaston. Céline and Léonie left Les Buissonnets to live with the Guérins in this house until the end of Louis Martin's internment on May 10, 1892. Les Buissonnets' lease was terminated at Christmas 1889.

In July 1892, the two sisters rented a house at 7, rue Labbey. They lived there until the death of Louis Martin on July 29, 1894. In September 1894, Céline entered the Carmel of Lisieux, the Guérins welcomed Léonie into their home, before she left them definitively to join the Visitation of Caen in 1899.

The house in rue Paul Banaston was inhabited by Jeanne La Néele until 1933.

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