the Carmel

Le Havre

In June 1887, Thérèse, Léonie, Céline and Louis Martin went to the International Maritime Exhibition in Le Havre. On this occasion, Thérèse buys two birds from Céline, which unfortunately will die shortly afterwards. One of them, with blue plumage, has been stuffed.

The following year, on June 23, 1888, after a fit of dementia, Louis Martin left by train for Le Havre without telling anyone. After several days without news, the whole family is worried. Thérèse, who had recently entered Carmel, could do nothing to help. Finally Louis Martin sends a letter indicating that he is in Le Havre and without money. Céline goes to look for him with her uncle Isidore Guérin and his nephew Ernest Maudelonde.

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