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la muse

Located near Évreux in the department of Eure, the Château de La Musse belongs to the Guérin family, who spent their summer holidays there with the Martins from 1888 to 1898. Thérèse never went there.

Madame Guérin inherited this large property on the death of her mother's cousin, Auguste David.

It is at La Musse that the photos of thetheater scrapbook "An Eccentric Journey to the Andes Cordilleras".

It is also here that Louis Martin died on July 29, 1894, more precisely in a small pavilion next to the castle.

The Guérins sold La Musse to the Comte de la Bourdonnaye on May 11, 1898, Ascension Day.

In 1932, a sanatorium was installed all around the castle: it has now become the hospital of La Musse.

All the old photos below were taken by Marie Guérin.

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