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Lisieux Cemetery

The Lisieux cemetery is the place where Thérèse was buried on October 4, 1897, thus inaugurating the square of the Carmelites. After the 1917 exhumation, his grave will be moved a little further. The location of her first tomb is marked by a cross and that of her second tomb by the kneeling statue of Thérèse designed by the Father Marie-Bernard and made by the sculptor Lucien Alliot. Under this statue were buried the Carmelites closest to Thérèse: her cousin Sister Marie of the Eucharist (Marie Guérin), the prioress Mother Marie de Gonzague, as well as her novices: Sister Marie-Philomène, Sister Marie-Madeleine du St Sacrament, Sister Martha of Jesus, Sister Marie of the Trinity.

Also found in the cemetery of Lisieux is the tomb of the Martin family. The remains of Zélie Martin, of the four children who died young, of Isidore Guérin father and of Fanny Boureau (mother of Louis Martin) were exhumed in Alençon and transferred to Lisieux in October 1894 in order to join Louis Martin who had just died (July 29).

Next to the square of the Carmelites is the tomb of Isidore Guérin, his wife Céline Fournet, their daughter Jeanne Guérin and her husband Francis La Néele. Right next to it still is buried the family maudelon.

Besides family members and Carmelites, a number of religious figures linked to Carmel and Thérèse are also buried in the Lisieux cemetery. We can cite as an example theFather Youf, L 'Father Rohee, or even Canon Cagniard (parish priest of Saint-Pierre de Lisieux who became the second superior of the Carmel of Lisieux in 1853, succeeding the founder, Father Sauvage).

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