the Carmel

Grogny Castle

Located in Arçonnay, about 5 kilometers from Alençon, the Grogny property belonged to Madame Monnier, the sister of Mrs. Tifenne, friend of the Martin family and godmother of Léonie.

Thérèse recounts this memory in manuscript A:

« Another time we were to go to Grogny to Madame Monnier. Mom told Marie to put on my pretty sky-blue dress, trimmed with lace, but not to leave my arms bare so the sun wouldn't brown them. I let myself be dressed with the indifference that children my age must have had, but inside I thought that I would have been much nicer with my little bare arms. »

A few years later, in 1883, when the Martins returned to Alençon to visit their friends, Madame Tifenne took the Martins to this property in Grogny. Therese will then have the opportunity to ride side-saddle.

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