the Carmel


Located 80 kilometers from Lisieux, the city of Bayeux is the seat of the bishopric of Bayeux and Lisieux. Thérèse went there by train with her father on October 31, 1887 to ask the bishop, Monsignor Hugonin, for permission to enter the Carmel at the age of 15.

Indeed, the superior of the Carmel of Lisieux, Canon Delatroëtte, did not consent to his entry before the age of 21.

Upon their arrival in Bayeux, Thérèse and her father take refuge in the cathedral to avoid a heavy downpour and find themselves in the middle of a funeral. Thérèse, dressed in a white dress in the midst of ladies in mourning, climbs to the top of the cathedral with her father to go to the chapel dedicated to Our Lady.

Once the downpour had passed, Thérèse and Louis Martin went to the bishopric, but Abbé Révérony, vicar general, being absent, they had to wait while strolling through the old streets of Bayeux.

Finally, the meeting with the bishop takes place in a small salon in the presence of Father Révérony. To look older, Therese has her hair up in a bun. Although touched by Thérèse's tears, the bishop did not give his consent, believing he had to speak with Canon Delatroëtte first.

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