the Carmel

Address to Bishop Germain

Address to Bishop Germain

signed by the pilgrims of the journey to Rome

Before leaving Rome, the pilgrims of Coutances and Bayeux signed, on November 23, 1887, an address of gratitude to Bishop Germain (2 double sheets of 31,5 x 22,7).
After the Canonization of Thérèse, Sister Geneviève will obtain that the original be given to the Carmel.

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To His Grace Monsignor Abel Germain,
Bishop of Coutances and Avranches.

My lord,

On the point of leaving Rome, the pilgrims from the dioceses of Coutances and Bayeux feel the need to express their deep gratitude to Your Lordship.
It is thanks to You that they were able to accomplish this pious journey, to lay at the feet of the Holy Father, on the occasion of his Priestly Jubilee, the homage of their veneration and their filial love 

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and to receive from the Vicar of Jesus Christ favors very seldom granted.
It is thanks to You that it was given to them to rekindle their faith and their piety at the sight of these places watered with the blood of so many martyrs, in these august sanctuaries, the second cradle of Christianity, and in this blessed House of Lorette where the mystery of the Incarnation was accomplished.
Everyone, priests and faithful, will cherish the memory of those happy days that passed so quickly, during which you were their guide and their example.
Deign to accept, Monsignor, the homage of their very respectful and unalterable gratitude.

Rome, November 23, 1887.

Given that three pilgrims signed twice (P. Ouin, Edouard Riotteau and LJ Delafosse) and that we did not find the name of Abbé Hamel, secretary of the Bishopric of Bayeux, we arrive at a total of 194 pilgrims. The order of the names of the pilgrims which follows is that of the address. From various sources (personal memories, Ordo of the dioceses, etc.), Céline will compile a more detailed list than the original, often specifying the place of origin of the pilgrims – although the spelling is sometimes incorrect. We are completing the signatures based on these data from Sister Geneviève. Note that sixteen people came from other dioceses.

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M. Reverony, Vicar General of Bayeux.
A.M. Legoux, Secret Chamberlain of His Holiness, Vicar General of Coutances.
Forcel, honorary canon, parish priest of Périers.
V. Turgot, CD by ND de Granville.
Mr O. Holidays, adviser to the Court of Appeal, Caen.
Leranoy (or Lesamey?).
J. Germain, honorary canon, parish priest of St Clément, Cherbourg.
Ctesse de Chivré, Sottevast.
Paul Durel, vicar at St Vaast.

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Fauvel, parish priest of Villers-sur-Mer.
E. Lenoir, priest of Lambs.
E. Noblet, parish priest of Fleury (Manche).
J. From the street, vicar at St Martin-de-Landelle.
P. Yes N (resign at the end of p. 4, as well as the following).
Ed. Riotteau, shipowner in Granville.
J. Gautier, vicar at St Gervais d'Avranches.
Adrienne Simon, Coutances.
Em. Height, vicar at Ste Croix, St Lô.
A. Alix, vicar at Sainte Croix
EG The verges, from Villedieu,

Vve baby doll, St Lô / M. Louise Gérard / Yvonne from baneville /Louise Mauger / VS. Henous / TO. Gosselin, parish priest of Nay / LJ Delafosse, from St Pierre de Coutances / Léon Cudélou, from Tirepied / Mrs. of the Aigremonts, born in Tesson, ND des Champs, Avranches / Marie-Louise by Shard, St Saturnin, Avranches / Berthe de Tesson, St Saturnin, Avranches / Azélie The Burrow, Cherbourg / Olympus The Burrow, Cherbourg / Mary Bamuel (?), St Saturnin, Avranches / Augustus richer, chaplain of ND du Mont Carmel, Avranches / L. by Morel de Montany, Coutances / from Ymouville du Moulin, Coutances / AL The Marois, du Lude, St Sauveur-le-Vic / C. by Blon, Périers / Mr. from Cherencey, by Ducey / Em. Amiard, parish priest of Domfront, Mr E. Godemer / NOT. d'Or. (illegible) / Mrs Lefebure, from Paris / L. Feuguet, parish priest of Barbeville / Monsieur Félix Benoît, former Advocate General, Commander of St Grégoire-le-Grand / S. Cleret, parish priest of Sommervieu / E. Mezaize, curate of St Gilles, Caen / Miss Marie from Grainville, Caen / Mr. Adalbert by Cussy, Bayeux / Aug. Goline (Edline?), parish priest of Norrey / Miss A. from St. Thomas, Caen / Mr. Abel The Creps, St Matthew / E. Poplar, parish priest of Esson / Mr L. Elizabeth / Miss Mary from Rubercy, Sommervie / Mrs. Z. Simon, Bayeux / Mr. A. Dufour de la Thuillerie, Caen / Mr G. Langlois, Bayeux. / Miss Jeanne of the Rock / Miss H. of the Rock / Miss Caroline Bardout, Caen / A. Godemer / TO. Proudville, Vicar Cathed. of Bayeux / A. (illegible) / Mr G. Hain (?), from Caen / L. Huet, vicar of St Etienne, Caen / P. Mill, vicar St Désir, Lisieux / Miss A. by Larminat, Bayeux / Mrs Edmee from Grainville, Caen / J. Tolmer, curate of Tour-en-Bessin / Mrs J. by Courson / Mrs C. by Courson / Miss T. of St. Thomas /S. Chantreuil, parish priest of Viessoix / J. The Palanquais, parish priest of Colombières / Miss Charlotte doublet, Caen / Monsieur Ernest Lefebure, from Paris (Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lefébure had made the lace rochet offered to Leo XIII by the diocese of Bayeux) / Mr E. Briere / Mrs N. Swamps, Merville / Miss Maria Lepelletier / Miss J. of Saint-Legere / Miss N. Legrand [cousin of the previous one?] / Sir (?) aubree / Miss Mary Clausier, St Pierre-sur-Dives / Count H. by Bertier, Bayeux / Baroness Rigaud, from Bayeux / Beville

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R. vauquelin, Father of La Délivrande
Gosselin, parish priest of Etreham
Mr. A. Gosset, Lisieux.
Mrs V. Besnard, Lisieux.
Mr. Besnard, Lisieux.
JE Legrain, parish priest of Fourneville.
A. The franc, parish priest of Gonneville.
V. Lebrec, parish priest of Camembert.
V. Legrand, parish priest of St Pierre, Caen.
TFA maillard, parish priest of St Martin-des-Besaces.
A. Lefevre, parish priest of Courvaudon.

Ed. Plaisance, parish priest of Espins / L. body, sup. of the Sisters of Providence, Alençon / P. Guillot, parish priest of Avenay / Enrico Batta, gliatorii (representative of the Lubin Agency) / Celine Martin / TO. The tale, vicar of St Pierre, Lisieux / T.Martin / Louis martin / Live Dingremont, Lisieux [next sister] / E. Delamare, parish priest of Fervacques / A. Jiffaux, parish priest of Livarot / revenge, parish priest of Reculey / Mr. Levoivenel, 75 years (Sic) /G. The Stayed, parish priest of St Germain-de-Livet / H. Petipas, curate of St Hilaire-du-Harcouët / V. Beaufils, vicar of the (Loges-Marchis?) / P. Yes N, curate of Hudimesnil / Ed. Riotteau [these two pilgrims have already signed p. 3]

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A. by Blon, Periers.
A. The day before, priest, professor at Mortain.
H. Oldest boy C. of M. [or E. of M.? from another diocese]
Vve Lemaresquier.
R. revillain.
Ms Loonie, Coutances.
Brothland, arch. parish priest of St Pierre, Coutances.
Mrs MA Fauvel, Cherbourg.
Miss V. Fauvel, Cherbourg.
M. Lebrettevillois.

Mrs Marie born Bréhier, St Hilaire-du-Harc / Miss MA Marie / TO. Osmond / I. Duquesnay, vicar ND du Voeu, Cherbourg / pass, parish priest of Villedieu / A. Broth, parish priest of St Nicolas, Coutances / J. Haniel of the Tide (?) / Viscountess of Berenger, Trelly / E. Fenard, Le Vretot / A. The Brettevillois / Married of Sainte-Marie, Lambs / Sister Gaetan, religious of Mercy, Coutances / Marquis of Bellefond, Cavigny / Melanie laisney [abbot's sister] / E. bow ring, London / E. Lebedel, vicar at ND du Roule, Cherbourg / E. Guiton (?), parish priest of Champain (?), dioc of Le Mans / Mme V. Needled, Sarthe / C. Gohier, lawyer, St Lô / Ctesse of Saint Paul, Lingeard / A. Brehier / Clear Neel, Coutances / L J. Delafosse, Coutances (has already signed) / Poullain / E. Saussay, vicar at ND, St Lô / Marg. Mr. from Annoville, Coutances / Alf. Pontis, priest of the Oratory professor at St Lô / Vicomte O. by Lorgeril / VS. laisney, sec. particular of Bishop Germain [by which Sister Geneviève will obtain this original] / Alfa. baize, parish priest of St Georges de Bohon / N. moncoq /Elisa Gohier [lawyer's sister] /O. Enault [maker of the Cath. of Coutances] / TO. give them, Coutances / H. Poullain / And. Trufiaut, Coutances / Th. Fenard, Chev. of the Order of St Greg. the Gd, Cherbourg / Miss V. Lehuley, Tourville. [aunt of a Channel Senator] /ML Caillemer, St Lo [founder of “la Bonne Garde”] / TO. by Tesson de la Mancellière, Avranches / Pauline laisney [abbot's sister] / Married Longueville, Périers / Louis Levesque, parish priest of Omonville-la-petite / Vve G. Oriot, Grimouville / S. Murderer

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Walleye, parish priest of St Michel-des-Loups.
L. Fossart, CD by Sartilly
E. Saddle, parish priest of Montviron.
L. Ménard, parish priest of St Laurent, St Lô.
th Dolbet, parish priest of Barfleur.
A. Lemaigre, vicar at ND, St Lô
Cherruau, priest of the diocese of Angers.
T. Potel, parish priest of Antwerp.
F. from Besne.
M. Le page.
E. Leroy, of Mortagne.

B. Leroy, from Mortagne / Lepourry, parish priest of Picauville / JM Tricot, vicar at Bréhal / Hte Guerin (Goercin?), parish priest of Croix-avranchin? (illegible) / Mr. Dubuisson, from Mortagne / Marguerite Benard, from Mortagne / Angèle Benard, from Mortagne / F. Hare, from Le Havre / A. Paquet, parish priest of Martinvast / E. moncoq / Dr. moncoq, Torigny / L. Pot (?) child. from Marie / Etienne, CD by Gavray / Dumondelle, diocese of Beauvais