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Therese's correspondence LT 094 – To Celine – July 14, 1889

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
MARTIN Céline, Sister Geneviève of the Holy Face


Jesus Carmel July 14, 89
My darling Celine

My soul does not leave you... it suffers exile with you!... Oh! what it costs to live, to stay on this land of bitterness and anguish... But tomorrow... in an hour, we will be in port, what happiness! Ah! how good it will be to contemplate Jesus face to face throughout all eternity! always always more love, always more intoxicating joys... cloudless happiness!...
How, then, did Jesus manage to detach our souls from all that is created? Ah! he struck a blow... but it was a stroke of love. God is admirable, but above all he is lovable, so let's love him... let's love him enough to suffer all he wants for him, even the sorrows of the soul, the aridities, the anguish, the apparent coldness. .. ah! this is a great love to love Jesus without feeling the sweetness of this love... this is martyrdom... Well! die Martyrs. Oh ! my Céline... the sweet echo of my soul, do you understand?... the unknown martyrdom, known only to God, which the eye of the creature cannot discover, martyrdom without honor, without triumph... That is the love pushed to the point of heroism... But one day the grateful God will cry out: "Now my turn." Oh ! what will we see then?... What is this life that will have no end?... God will be the soul of our soul... unfathomable mystery... The man's eye has not seen the uncreated light, his ear has not heard the incomparable harmonies and his heart cannot sense what God has in store for those he loves. And all this will happen soon, yes soon, let's hurry to make our crown, reach out our hand to grab the palm and if we love very much, if we love Jesus with passion, he will not be cruel enough to leave us long on this earth of exile... Céline, during the short moments that we have left, let's not waste our time... let's save souls souls, they are lost like snowflakes, and Jesus cries, and we... we think of our pain without consoling our betrothed... Oh! my Céline, let's live for souls... let's be apostles... above all save the souls of priests, these souls should be more transparent than crystal... Alas! how many bad priests, priests who are not holy enough... Let us pray, let us suffer for them, and on the last day Jesus will be grateful. We will give him souls!...
Céline, do you understand the cry of my heart?... Together... Always together
Céline and Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face.

Sr. Marie of the Sacred Heart cannot write to you because the letter would weigh too heavily.

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