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Therese's correspondence LT 093 – To Marie Guérin – July 14, 1889

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
GUERIN Marie, Sister Marie of the Eucharist


Jesus Sunday July 14, 89.
My darling little sister,

Since you have the humility to ask your little Thérèse for advice, she cannot refuse it to you, but poor little novice without experience she would be afraid of making a mistake, and you yourself could have doubts about what she is telling you. . But today, do not be afraid, it is the very answer of Jesus that I am bringing to you... Oh! How happy I am to pass it on to you...!
This morning I asked our good Mother what I should answer you about what you said to Céline. By doing what this dear Mother said to me for you, you do not have to fear making a mistake because God has placed in her heart a deep knowledge of souls and all their miseries, she knows everything; nothing is hidden from him, your little soul is perfectly known to him; here is what she told me to tell you on behalf of Jesus: "You did very well to tell Celine everything, however it is better not to talk about these things, it is better not to Pay no attention to it, for our Mother is sure that you do no harm.” Come on, are you reassured?... It seems to me that in your place, if they had told me so much, I would have been well cured and I would have allowed myself to be led blind, because it is the only way to to have peace and above all to please Jesus.
Even if you are sure to do harm, there is no danger since our Mother who has (I think) more experience than you tells you that you do not...
Oh ! Mary, how happy you are to have a heart that knows how to love in this way... Thank Jesus for having given you such a precious gift, and give him your whole heart. The creatures are too small to fill the immense void that Jesus dug in you, do not give them space in your soul...
The good Lord will not catch you in his nets because you are well imprisoned there...
Yes, it is very true that our affection is not of the earth, it is too strong for that, even death would not be able to break it...
Don't worry about not feeling any consolation in your communions, it's a test that you have to bear with love, don't lose any of the thorns you encounter every day; with one of them you can save a soul!...
Ah! if you only knew how much God is offended! Your soul is so well made to console him... love him madly for all those who do not love him!... Little Sister, after his mad race my pen must stop, I have 5 letters to write today, but I started with my little Marie... I love her so much, and so little naturally!... Kiss my Uncle, my Aunt and my dear Jeanne for me, and say- them that I love them. You, little privileged one of Jesus, pray that your unworthy little sister may Love as much as you if possible!...

Sr Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face nov.carm.ind.

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