the Carmel
Therese's correspondence LT 085 – To Celine – March 12, 1889

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
MARTIN Céline, Sister Geneviève of the Holy Face


Carmel March 12, 1889

"Long live Jesus!... How good it is to dedicate oneself to Him, to sacrifice oneself for His love..."
Céline!... This cherished name resounds softly in the depths of my heart!... Don't our two hearts answer each other perfectly?...
I need to come this evening with my Céline to immerse myself in infinity... I need to forget the earth... here below everything tires me, everything is a burden to me... I don't finds only one joy, that of suffering for Jesus, but this unfelt joy is above all joy!...
Life is passing... Eternity is advancing with great strides... Soon we will be living the very life of Jesus... after having been quenched at the source of all bitterness, we will be deified at the very source of all the joys, all the delights... Soon, little Sister, with a single glance we will be able to understand what is happening in the depths of our being!...
The figure of this world passes... Soon we will see new skies, a more radiant Sun will light up ethereal seas, infinite horizons with its splendors!... The immensity will be our domain... we will no longer be prisoners on this land of exile... everything will be over!... With our heavenly Spouse we will sail on shoreless lakes... infinity has neither limits nor bottom, nor shore!... "Courage, Jesus hears until the last echo of our pain. Our harps are at this moment suspended from the willows which border the river of Babylon... but on the day of our deliverance, what harmonies will we not hear... with what joy we will cause all the strings of our instruments to vibrate!. ..
Jesus' love for Céline can only be understood by Jesus!... Jesus did crazy things for Céline... Let Céline do crazy things for Jesus... Love is only paid for by love and the wounds of love are healed only by love.
Let us offer our sufferings to Jesus to save souls, poor souls!... they have fewer graces than us, and yet all the blood of a God has been shed to save them... yet Jesus wants to make their salvation with a sigh of our heart What a mystery!... If a sigh can save a soul, what can sufferings like ours do?... Let us refuse nothing to Jesus!...
The bell rings and I have not yet written to my poor Léonie, give her my recommendations, kiss her and tell her that I love her!... May she be very faithful to grace and Jesus will bless. Let her ask Jesus what I want to tell her, I charge him with my commissions!...
See you soon! Oh! Heaven, Heaven! When will we be there?

The little grain of sand of Jesus

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