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Therese's correspondence LT 072 – To Louis Martin – December 30, 1888

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus


Jesus!... December 30, 88
My dear King,

What happiness to be able this year to send you my Happy New Year wishes from the Kingdom of Carmel. Your little Queen has never been able to offer you her affection with more joy, she feels so close to her King, so close that nothing can keep her away!...
The Kings of the earth are very happy when they have been able to make their daughters contract noble alliances, and what gratitude do these children have for their parents!... For your little Queen it is quite another matter, you as a Father, and truly as a King, you only wanted to entrust her to the King of Heaven, to Jesus himself, from Orphan of Beresina, I passed to the so noble title of Carmelite.
How I must love a Father who was kind enough to procure me such great happiness, and how I love him!... If the guide of Rome were there, he could say: "Mrs Abbots, I am going to show you a Father as you have never seen, there is something to make you fall in wonder. Isn't it true, my darling little Father, that you couldn't do more for your little Queen. If she is not a Saint, it will be her fault, because with a Father like you she has the means!...
Dear Father, the day is falling, it is time for me to leave you, but finding you next to Jesus, in your true place.
Soon will shine for us the day without shadows, and then we will never finish our conversation!...
Happy New Year, my darling King, thank you for all the treats you have given us this week!... and throughout the whole year!...
May Jesus fill you with his blessings, may he give you as he promised a hundredfold in this life and his BEAUTIFUL Heaven in the next, this is the wish of your little Queen who loves you more than ever Queen loved his King.

Sr Thérèse of the Child Jesus post.carm.ind.


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