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Therese's correspondence LT 063 – To Louis Martin – September 30, 1888

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus


September 30, 1888
JMJT Carmel September 30

My dear King,

Your little Queen is crushed under the weight and the magnificence of your presents, it is clear that it is a King who offers them to his Queen. First it was from the point of Alençon that I saw it coming. It really is quite Royal. I don't know how to thank you for such beautiful gifts; where is the time when your little Queen would have jumped for joy at a deal of a penny that her King gave her, now her heart would still be happy, but that of the King needs to give more; this is why he gives his Queen lace worthy of: the Queen of France and Navarre.
It is true, my darling little Father, that if your Queen is unworthy of so much wealth, they are not too beautiful for the divine Spouse to whom you have given her, that is why I will be happy to wear them; otherwise I really wouldn't dare, because I'm still only the Orphan of Beresina, it's only on the day of my taking the habit that I'll deserve to wear my title of Queen.
I still have a sweet mission to fulfill, it is to thank you, in my name of Queen, and in that of the Diamond and the fine pearl, for an avalanche of pears, onions, plums, apples, which came out of the round, like a cornucopia. Where did all this come from? an old fellow said it was a Monsieur who lived near the Jardin de l'Etoile. It could only be you, too, my darling little Father, the provision was well accepted, we gave it a good reception without being asked. Funny thing, she had less trouble getting in than your Queen, who had to go to Rome to get the door opened...
The huge onions gladdened my heart; they made me think of those of Egypt, we will not have to regret them like the Israelites. I thought again of the Lyon ones that cost 0,50 and are so big. Well, my King, I think your Queen is going to bore you with her babbling, but she's so happy she can't help telling you. She thanks you for everything and kisses you with all her heart.

Thérèse of the Child Jesus pcind.

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