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Therese's correspondence LT 059 – To Isidore Guérin – August 22, 1888

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
GUERIN Isidore


Jesus in Carmel, August 22, 88
My dear Uncle,

We have just received a letter from my Aunt, in which she told us all your sorrows. Although far from you, your little niece takes part in your pain, she would like to be with her good Uncle to console him, but alas! what could she do?... No, it is preferable for her to be in Carmel, there at least she can pray as much as she wants to him who alone can give consolation, to pour it abundantly into the hearts of his dear Uncle.
The state of this good Monsieur David saddens us very much, I understand, my dear Uncle, how much you must suffer, because there is nothing as painful as seeing those you love suffer. However, I thank God with all my heart for the great grace he has kindly granted to this beautiful soul. What a disposition to appear before him; it's really wonderful. Everything our dear Aunt told us about it touched me deeply.
It was impossible, uncle, for the good Lord not to grant you this consolation, after all that you do for his glory. Ah! that it seems to me that the crown which is reserved for you is beautiful. It cannot be otherwise since your whole life is but a perpetual cross and God acts thus only with the great saints.
What happiness to think that in Heaven we will be reunited never to leave each other, without this hope life really would not be bearable...
My dear Uncle, I don't know what you're going to think of your poor little niece, she lets her pen run without realizing what she's saying, her heart, if it could write, WOULD SAY something else, but it's obliged to entrust himself to this cold pen which does not know how to convey what he feels. I entrust myself to my good Angel, I think that a Celestial messenger will discharge my commission well, I send him to my dear Uncle, to pour consolation into his heart, as much as our soul can contain it in this valley of exile...
Farewell my good Uncle.
Please don't forget me with Madame Fournet, I take part in her pain, for you, Uncle, I send you all the tenderness in my heart, and I will continue to pray unceasingly for this good Mr David.
Your little Niece who would like to be able to lessen your grief a little.

Thérèse of the Child Jesus pcind.

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