the Carmel
Therese's correspondence LT 056 – To Sister Agnes of Jesus – July 11, 1888

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
MARTIN Pauline, Mother Agnes of Jesus


July 11, 1888
What happiness to see again tomorrow the sweet face of the lamb, but the lamb begs the lamb not to leap up to Heaven yet. If his place is already ready for him, if he thinks of the poor lamb, if he waits a bit for the lamb to jump up too, then both of them will go to their homeland. Their heart, which is never satisfied on earth, will go to drink at the very source of love, oh! sweet feast. What joy to see God; to be judged by the one we will have loved above all things. I dreamed that the lamb would soon fly away to its homeland, but I hope it will remain in exile a little longer to guide the poor lamb.

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