the Carmel
Therese's correspondence LT 046 – To Louis Martin – April 29, 1888

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus


JMJT Sunday 29 April 88

My dear little Father,

How good you are for your little Queen, hardly a day passes that she does not receive some present from her King.
Thank you for everything, my good little Father. If you only knew how much the little Orphan of Berezina loves you! but no, that will only be known to you in Heaven. It is there that we will see beautiful Estatues on beautiful Gherkins, then we will be able to really enter in Ecstasy, and then what a guide to make us visit the marvels of Heaven!... I think that many saints will have in their nimbus a Byzantine cross. There will only be sarcophagi that we will not see, because in Heaven there will be no more tombs.
My darling Little Father, I see the clock ticking, I have to leave you, but first I kiss you from afar with all my heart.
The fine little pearl kisses you well, oh! Dad, if you only knew how precious your little fine pearl is...
The brilliant Diamond, the Gypsy also embraces you with all her heart.
Farewell, and thank you my little Father,
your little Queen who is finally pulled from under the cart

Therese of the Child Jesus.

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