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Therese's correspondence LT 038 – To Bishop Hugonin – December 3-8, 1887

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
HUGONIN Monsignor



  3-8 (?) December 1887
My lord,
            I come to ask Your Highness, to kindly give me the answer that I have wanted for so long.
            Monsignor, I hope everything from your paternal goodness; yes, I believe that it is through you that Jesus will want to fulfill his promise.
            O Monsignor! it is said that trials are a sign of vocation; yes really, you know that the good Lord didn't spare me them, but I felt that I was suffering for Jesus, and I didn't stop hoping for a moment. Baby Jesus made me feel so strongly that he wanted me at Christmas that I can't resist the grace he bestows on me. It is true that I am very young; but, Monsignor, since the good Lord is calling me and Papa is willing.
            I hope that Abbé Révérony was good enough to speak to Your Highness about me; he had promised it to me during the trip to Rome. I will never forget his kindness to me.
            O Monsignor! Christmas is approaching, but I await your response with great confidence. I will never forget that it is to Your Greatness that I owe the accomplishment of God's will.
            Please bless your child, Monsignor.
            I am Your Highness' most grateful little daughter,
Therese Martin

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