the Carmel
Therese's correspondence LT 027 – To Sister Agnes of Jesus – October 8, 1887

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
MARTIN Pauline, Mother Agnes of Jesus


Samedi octobre 8 87

            My darling little sister,

            Since Wednesday, I have been looking for an opportunity to talk to my uncle; this morning she introduced herself. My uncle was very good; I was afraid that as it was a Saturday he would not be happy because that day he is in a hurry, on the contrary, as soon as I asked him to come he left his reading with an eager air.
            He told me that for some time he suspected that I had something to tell him; then he gave me a very AFFECTIVE little sermon which I expected; he told me that he was very sure of my vocation, that it was not that which would prevent him from letting me go, only the world, I believe, is an obstacle. It would be a real public scandal to see a child enter Carmel, I would be the only one in all of France, etc... However, if the Good Lord wants it, He can show it; in the meantime my uncle told me that according to the rules of human wisdom, I shouldn't think I'll enter before I'm seventeen or eighteen, it will still be very early.
            My uncle told me many more things like this, but it would take too long to tell you about them. As you can imagine, I didn't mention any date. My dear Pauline, I am still very happy that my uncle finds no obstacle other than the world, I think the Good Lord will not be at a loss to show my uncle, when he wants, that it is the world that will prevent him from taking me to Carmel. You know, my darling little sister, my uncle told me many other very nice things but I'm only telling you the obstacles he found. Fortunately, for the Good Lord these obstacles are not.
            Oh ! my darling Pauline, I cannot tell you today all the things with which my heart is full, I cannot collect all my ideas. Despite everything, I feel full of courage, I'm quite sure that the Good Lord isn't going to abandon me. Now, as my uncle told me, will begin my time of trial, oh! pray for me, pray for your Theresita, you know how much she loves you, you are her confidante. I really need to see you, but it's still a sacrifice to make to Jesus, oh! I don't want to refuse him anything, even when I feel sad and alone on earth, he still remains to me, and didn't St Thérèse say: God alone is enough...
            Forgive me, my darling Pauline, for sending you this letter or rather this draft where the ideas don't even follow each other, I don't even know if you'll be able to read it, it's so badly written, but my heart had so many things to say that my pen could not follow him. Tell my dear Godmother that I think of her a lot during her retirement, ask her not to forget her goddaughter.
            See you soon, my darling sister, once again don't be too angry with me for sending you this letter but I don't have the courage to start it again.

Your little Theresitha

            I'm sending you your little pen holder.
            Tell my darling Mother that her Theresitha loves her with all her heart.

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