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Therese's correspondence LT 263 – To Abbé Bellière – August 10, 1897

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
BELLIERE Maurice-Marie-Louis Father


Carmel of Lisieux August 10, 1897
My dear little brother,

I am now quite ready to leave, I received my passport for Heaven and it was my darling father who obtained this grace for me, on the 29th he gave me the guarantee that I would soon join him; the next day, the doctor, astonished at the progress the disease had made in two days, told our good Mother that it was time to fulfill my wishes by having me receive Extreme Unction. So I had this happiness on the 30th, and also that of seeing Jesus-Host leave the tabernacle for me, whom I received as Viaticum on my long journey!... This Bread from Heaven has strengthened me, see, my pilgrimage does not seem to be able to end. Far from complaining about it, I rejoice that the good Lord allows me to suffer again for his love, ah! how sweet it is to abandon oneself in his arms, without fear or desire.
I confess to you, my little brother, that we do not understand Heaven in the same way. It seems to you that participating in the justice, in the holiness of God, I will not be able, as on earth, to excuse your faults. Are you forgetting that I will also participate in the infinite mercy of the Lord? I believe that the Blessed have a great compassion for our miseries, they remember that being like us fragile and mortal, they committed the same faults, supported the same fights and their fraternal tenderness becomes even greater than it is. was on earth, that's why they keep protecting us and praying for us.
Now, my dear little brother, I must tell you about the inheritance you will receive after my death. Here is the share that our Mother will give you: 1° The reliquary which I received the day of my taking of the habit and which has never left me since 2) A small Crucifix which is incomparably dearer to me than the large for it is no longer the first that was given to me that I have now. In the Carmel, we sometimes change the objects of piety, it's a good way to prevent us from becoming attached to them. I come back to the little Crucifix. It is not beautiful, the figure of Christ has almost disappeared, you will not be surprised when you know that since the age of 13 this memory of one of my sisters has followed me everywhere. It was especially during my trip to Italy that this Crucifix became precious to me, I made it touch all the insignia relics that I had the good fortune to venerate, to say the number would be impossible for me; moreover he was blessed by the Holy Father. Since I have been ill I almost always hold our dear little Crucifix in my hands; looking at him I think with joy that after having received my kisses, he will go and ask for those of my little brother. This, then, is what your inheritance consists of; moreover, our Mother will give you the last image that I painted. I am going to finish, my dear little brother, where I should have started by thanking you for the great pleasure you gave me by sending me your photograph.
To God, dear little brother, may He give us the grace to love him and to save souls for him. This is the wish that forms.

Your unworthy little sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face.
thank you

(I became your sister by choice.)
I congratulate you on your new dignity; on the 25th, the day on which I celebrate my dear little father, I will also have the pleasure of celebrating my brother Louis de France.

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