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Therese's correspondence LT 255 – To Mr. and Mrs. Guérin – July 16, 1897

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
GUERIN Isidore


July 16 1897

My dear Uncle and my dear Aunt,

I am very happy to prove to you that your little Thérèse has not yet left exile, because I know it will please you. However, it seems to me, my dear parents, that your joy will be even greater when, instead of reading a few lines that I trace with a trembling hand, you will feel my soul close to yours. Ah! I am sure of it, the good Lord will allow me to spread his graces with both hands, on you, on my little sister Jeanne and her dear Francis, I will choose for them the most beautiful cherub in Heaven and I will ask the good Jesus to give to Joan so that he may become "a great pontiff and a great saint". If I am not heard, my dear little sister will really have to no longer have the desire to be a mother here below, but she will be able to rejoice in the thought that in Heaven "the Lord will give her the joy of seeing Mother of many children", as the Holy Spirit promised by singing through the mouth of the King Prophet the words that I have just written.- These children would be the souls that his sacrifice, well accepted, would give birth to the life of grace. , but I really hope to obtain my Cherub, that is to say a little soul which is its copy, because alas! not a cherub would want to go into exile even to receive the sweet caresses of a mother!...
I realize that in my letter, I will never have the space to say everything I want. I wanted, my dear parents, to talk to you in detail about my communion this morning, which you made so touching, or rather so triumphant, with your wreaths of flowers. I leave my dear little sister M. de l'Eucharistie to tell you the details and only want to tell you that she sang a little verse before communion which I had composed for this morning. When Jesus was in my heart she again sang this couplet from “Vivre d'Amour”: Dying of Love is a very sweet martyrdom. I cannot tell you how high and beautiful her voice was, she had promised not to cry to please me; my expectations were well exceeded. The good Jesus must have heard and understood perfectly what I expect from Him and it was precisely what I wanted!...
My sisters, I know, have spoken to you of my gaiety; it's true that I'm like a lark except when I have a fever; fortunately she usually only comes to visit me in the evening, when the finches are sleeping, their heads hidden under their wing. I wouldn't be as cheerful as I am if the Good Lord only showed me that the only joy on earth is to do His will. One day, I think I'm at Heaven's door because of the dismayed look of Mr. de Cornière, and the next day he goes away very happy, saying: You are on the way to recovery... What I judge, me (little baby in the lolo), it's that I won't recover but that I could drag on for a long time yet - To God, my dear parents, I will only tell you in Heaven my affection, as long as I drag on, my pencil won't can translate it for you.

your little girl 
Th. of the Child Jesus thank you

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