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Therese's correspondence LT 253 – To Abbé Bellière – July 13, 1897

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
BELLIERE Maurice-Marie-Louis Father


Jesus July 13, 1897
My dear little brother,

Perhaps when you read this little note I will no longer be on earth, but within eternal delights! I don't know the future, however I can tell you with confidence that the Bridegroom is at the door, it would take a miracle to keep me in exile and I don't think Jesus will perform this unnecessary miracle.
O my dear little brother, how happy I am to die! yes I am happy, no to be delivered from the sufferings of here below (suffering united to love is on the contrary the only thing which seems desirable to me in this vale of tears). I am happy to die because I feel that such is the will of God and that much more than here below, I will be useful to the souls who are dear to me, especially yours. You asked in your last letter to our Mother that I write to you often during the holidays. If the Lord wants to prolong my pilgrimage for a few more weeks and if our good Mother allows it, I could scramble some more little words like this for you, but most likely it is that I will do more than write to my dear little brother , even more than speaking to him the tiring language of the earth, I will be very close to him, I will see all that is necessary for him and will not leave the good Lord rest until He has given me all that I want. !... When my dear little brother leaves for Africa, I will no longer follow him in thought, in prayer, my soul will always be with him and his faith will know how to discover the presence of a little sister that Jesus gave not to be his support for two years but until the last day of his life.
All these promises, my brother, may seem a little chimerical to you, however you must begin to know that the good Lord has always treated me like a spoiled child, it is true that his cross has followed me from the cradle but this cross, Jesus made me love him with passion, He always made me desire what He wanted to give me. Will He then begin in Heaven to no longer satisfy my desires? Really I cannot believe it and I say to you: "Soon, little brother, I will be near you."
Ah! I implore you, pray a lot for me, prayers are so necessary to me at this moment, but above all pray for our Mother, she would have liked to keep me here below for a long time yet; to obtain it, this venerated Mother had a ninth of masses said at ND des Victoires who had already cured me in my childhood, but I, feeling that the miracle would not take place, I asked for and obtained Blessed Virgin, may she console my Mother's heart a little, or rather make her consent to Jesus taking me to Heaven.
To God, little brother, see you soon goodbye in beautiful Heaven.

Th. of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face rel.carm.

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