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Therese's correspondence LT 244 – To Abbé Bellière – June 9, 1897

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
BELLIERE Maurice-Marie-Louis Father


9th June 1897

My dear little Brother, I received your letter this morning, and I am taking advantage of a moment when the nurse is absent to write you a final note of farewell, when you receive it I shall have left exile. .. For ever your little sister will be united to her Jesus, it is then that she will be able to obtain graces for you and fly with you in distant missions.
O my dear little brother, how happy I am to die!... yes I am happy, not because I will be delivered from the sufferings here below (suffering, on the contrary, is the only thing that seems desirable to me in this valley of tears), but because I feel that such is the will of God.
Our good Mother would like to keep me on earth; at the moment a novena of masses is being said for me at ND des Victoires, it has already cured me in my childhood but I believe that the miracle it will perform will be none other than to console the Mother who loves me so tenderly.
Dear little Brother, at the time of appearing before the good Lord, I understand more than ever that there is only one thing necessary, it is to work only for Him and to do nothing for oneself or for creatures. .
Jesus wants to completely possess your heart, he wants you to be a great saint. For that you will have to suffer a lot, but also a joy will flood your soul when you will have arrived at the happy moment of your entry into Eternal Life!... My brother, all your friends in Heaven, I will soon be going to offer them your love, pray to them to protect you. I would like to tell you, my dear little Brother, a thousand things that I understand being at the door of eternity, but I am not dying, I am entering life and all that I cannot tell you here below, I will make you understand from the height of Heaven...
To God, little Brother, pray for your little sister who says to you: See you soon, goodbye to Heaven!...

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