the Carmel
Therese's correspondence LT 242 – To Sister Marie of the Trinity – June 6, 1897

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
Mary of the Trinity Sister


Jesus June 6, 1897

My dear little Sister, your pretty little letter rejoices my soul, I can clearly see that I was not mistaken in thinking that the Good Lord calls you to be a great saint while remaining small and becoming more so every day. I very well understand your pain at not being able to talk to me anymore, but be sure that I also suffer from my impotence and that I have never felt so well that you hold an immense place in my heart!...
One thing that pleases me is to see that sadness doesn't make you melancholy, I couldn't help laughing when I read the end of your letter, ah! is that how you make fun of me? and who told you about my writings, what folios are you referring to? I see that you plead the false to know the true, well! you will know one day, if it is not on earth it will be in Heaven, but of course that will not worry you much, we will have something else to think about then...
You want to know if I have joy to go to Heaven? I would have a lot if I went there, but... I'm not counting on the disease, it's too slow a driver. I only count on love, ask the Good Jesus that all the prayers that are made for me serve to increase the Fire that must consume me...
I don't think you're going to be able to read, gay egret, but I only had a few minutes.

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