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Therese's correspondence LT 234 – To Sister Marie of the Eucharist – June 2, 1897

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
GUERIN Marie, Sister Marie of the Eucharist


June 2, 1897
To my dear darling little Sister, remember the beautiful day when the Spouse of her soul deigns to put his sign on the forehead that He is about to crown one day in front of all the Chosen...
In the past, the whole of Heaven met on June 2 to contemplate this mystery of love: Jesus, the gentle Jesus of the Eucharist giving himself for the first time to Mary. It is still there today this beautiful Heaven made up of Angels and Saints, it is there contemplating with delight; Mary giving herself to Jesus in front of the astonished world of a sacrifice that he does not understand. Ah! if he had understood the gaze that Jesus cast on Mary on the day of his first visit, he would also understand the mysterious sign that she wishes to receive today from Him who wounded her with love... It is not plus the graceful veil with long snowy folds which must envelop Mary of the Eucharist, it is a dark veil which reminds the Spouse of Jesus that she is exiled, that her Spouse is not a Spouse who must lead her in the feasts, but on the mount of Calvary. From now on, Mary must no longer look at anything here below, only the Merciful God, the Jesus of the Eucharist!...
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