the Carmel
Therese's correspondence LT 023 – To Marie Guérin – June 27, 1887

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
GUERIN Marie, Sister Marie of the Eucharist


At Les Buissonnets. Monday, June 27, 1887
My dear little patient,

How are you this morning ? did you sleep well last night? Does your tooth make you suffer less?... These, my dear little Marie, are all the questions I am asking myself this morning, but, alas! no one can answer me and I am forced to solve them myself; so I do it to my advantage and I see you doing much better.
I have to turn the page because I have just realized that I was writing everything wrong; it's been so long since I've held a pen that it seems quite funny to me. I just came back from Carmel, I told Marie and Pauline how ill you were and they are going to pray to the good Lord so that he heals you and so that you can enjoy your time in Trouville... I would still have many things to tell you, my darling little Louploup, but I don't have time because I still intend to write a note to Jeanne, moreover I would be afraid of hurting your eyes, my letter is a real draft and I I don't know how I can dare send it to you like this.
I'm leaving you, not kissing you on both cheeks, I'm afraid I'll hurt your teeth, but on your pretty little forehead.
Above all, I recommend to my dear little Louploup not to hesitate to write to me, that will not prevent me from sending him letters very often. My little Louploup has to deserve his name, that he eats like a real Louploup.

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