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Therese's correspondence LT 218 – To Brother Simeon – January 27, 1897

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
SIMEON Brother


Jesus Carmel of Lisieux January 27, 97
Mr. Director,

I am happy to join my sister Geneviève in thanking you for the precious favor you have obtained for our Carmel.
Not knowing how to express my gratitude to you, it is at the feet of Our Lord that I want by my poor prayers to show you how much I am touched by your kindness for us...
A feeling of sadness mingled with my joy when I learned that your health had been shaken, so I ask Jesus with all my heart to prolong your precious life in the Church for as long as possible. I know very well that this divine Master must be in a hurry to crown you in Heaven, but I hope that He will leave you still in exile so that, working for his glory as you have done since your youth, the immense weight of your merits make up for other souls who will come before God empty-handed.
I dare to hope, Dearest Brother, that I will be among those happy souls who will share in your merits, I believe that my journey here below will not be long... when I appear before my Beloved Spouse I only have my desires to present to Him, but if you have preceded me in the Fatherland I hope that you will come to meet me and present for me the merit of your so fruitful works... You see that your little Carmelites never will not be able to write to you without claiming some favor and without appealing to your generosity!!!...
Mr Director, you are so powerful for us on earth, you have already obtained for us the blessing of our Holy Father Leo XIII so many times that I cannot help thinking that in Heaven the Good Lord will give you very big on his heart. I beg you not to forget me near Him if you have the happiness to see Him before me... The only thing I beg you to ask for my soul is the grace to love Jesus and to to love as much as possible.
If it is me that Our Lord comes to look for first, I promise to pray for your intentions and for all the people who are dear to you. Besides, I'm not waiting for Heaven to make this prayer, right now I'm happy to be able to prove my deep gratitude to you.
In the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I will always be happy to say to myself, Mr Director,

Your grateful little Carmelite

Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face rel.carm.ind.

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