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Therese's correspondence LT 216 – To Mother Agnes of Jesus – January 9, 1897

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
MARTIN Pauline, Mother Agnes of Jesus




9th January 1897

                My darling little Mother, if you only knew how touched I am to see how much you love me!... Oh! I will never be able to express my gratitude to you here below... I hope to go up there soon. Since "If there is a Heaven, it is for me", I will be rich, I will have all the treasures of the good God and He Himself will be my property, then I will be able to return to you a hundredfold all that I owe you . Oh ! I make a feast of it... It pains me so much to always receive without ever giving.
                I would have liked not to see my little Mother's tears flow, but what I was happy to see was the good effect they produced, it was magical. Ah! I don't hold a grudge against anyone when my little Mother is looked at askance, because I see only too well that the sisters are nothing but instruments posed crookedly by Jesus himself so that the way of the little Mother (to the little Thérèse) resembles the one he chose for himself, when he was a traveler in the land of exile... So his face was hidden, no one recognized him, he was an object of contempt... My little Mother is not an object of contempt, but very few recognize her since Jesus hid his face!...
                O my Mother! how beautiful your share is!... It is truly worthy of you, the privileged one of our family, of you who show us the way like that little swallow that we always see at the head of its companions and that traces in the airs the way which must lead them to their new fatherland.
                Oh ! understand the affection of YOUR little girl who would like to say so many things to you!

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