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Therese's correspondence LT 212 – To Sister Marie of the Trinity – December 24, 1896

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
Mary of the Trinity Sister


 December 1896

Christmas Eve 1896

                My darling little wife,

                Oh ! how happy I am with you... All year long you have amused me a lot by playing skittles. I had so much pleasure that the court of angels was surprised and charmed, more than one little cherub asked me why I hadn't made him a child... more than one still asked me if Wasn't the melody of his harp more pleasing to me than your joyous laughter when you knock down a pin with the ball of your love? I replied to my little cherubs that they shouldn't worry about not being children since one day they could play with you in the meadows of Heaven, I told them that your smile was certainly sweeter than their melodies, because you could only play and smile while suffering, while forgetting yourself.
                My beloved little wife, I have something to ask you, are you going to refuse me?... Oh no! you love me too much for that. Well ! I'm going to confess to you that I would like to change the game; bowling is a lot of fun for me, but now I'd like to play Spinning Top and, if you want, you'll be my spinning top. I'm giving you one as a model, you see it's not beautiful, anyone who doesn't know how to use it will kick it away, but a child will jump for joy when he sees it, he'll say: “Ah! it's fun, it can run all day without stopping.”
                I, little Jesus, love you, even though you have no charms, and I beg you to always walk to amuse me... But to make the top spin, you need lashes... Well! let your sisters render you this service and be grateful to those who will be the most assiduous in not letting you slow down in your walk. When I've had a good time with you, I'll take you up there and we can play without suffering...

(Your little Brother Jesus.).

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