the Carmel
Therese's correspondence LT 205 – To Sister Marie de Saint-Joseph – December (?) 1896

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
Mary of Saint Joseph


December (?) 1896

                How naughty it is to spend your time moping around, instead of falling asleep on the Heart of Jesus!...
                If the night frightens the little child, if he complains of not seeing the One who carries him, he should close his eyes, voluntarily make the sacrifice that is asked of him and then wait for sleep. .. by keeping himself thus peaceful, the night that he will no longer look at will not be able to frighten him, and soon calm if not joy will be reborn in his little heart.
                Is it too much to ask of the little child to close his eyes?... not to struggle against the chimeras of the night?... No, it's not too much and the little child will abandon himself, he will believing that Jesus is wearing it, he will consent not to see him and leave behind the sterile fear of being unfaithful (a fear that does not befit a child).
(An ambassador.)

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