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Therese's correspondence LT 183 – To Sister Geneviève – February 24, 1896

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
MARTIN Céline, Sister Geneviève of the Holy Face


February 24 1896

Jesus' covenant contract with Celine

                I, Jesus, the Eternal Word, the only Son of God and of the Virgin Mary, am today marrying Céline, an exiled princess, poor and without titles. I give myself to her under the name of: Knight of Love, Suffering and Contempt.

                My intention is not yet to return to my Beloved her Homeland, her Titles and her Wealth. I want her to share the fate that I was pleased to choose on earth... Here below, my Face is hidden, but she knows how to recognize me when others despise me; in return, I place the Helm of salvation and grace on her head today, so that her Face may be hidden like mine... I want her to hide the gifts she has received from me, leaving me the give to her and take back as I please, not attaching herself to anyone, even forgetting everything that can enhance her in her eyes as in those of creatures.
                My Beloved will henceforth be called: Geneviève de Sainte Thérèse (her most glorious title, that of: Mary of the Holy Face, will remain hidden on earth in order to shine in Heaven with incomparable brilliance). She will be the shepherdess of the only Lamb who becomes her Spouse. Our union will give birth to souls more numerous than the stars of the firmament, and the family of the seraphic Thérèse will rejoice in the new splendor that will be given to it.
                Geneviève will patiently bear the absence of her Knight, leaving him to fight alone so that he alone may have the honor of victory; she will content herself with wielding the sword of Love. Like a sweet melody, her voice will charm me in the middle of the camps. The lightest of his sighs of Love will kindle my elite troops with a whole new ardor.
                I, the Flower of the Fields, the Lily of the Valleys, the food that I want to give to my Beloved will be the Wheat of the Elect, the Wine that makes Virgins germinate... She will receive this food from the hands of the Humble and Glorious Virgin Mary, our Mother to both...
                I want to Live in my Beloved and, as a pledge of this life, I give her my Name, this royal seal will be the mark of her omnipotence on my Heart.
                Tomorrow, day of Eternity, I will raise my Helmet... My Beloved will see the radiance of my Adorable Face... She will hear the New Name that I reserve for her... She will receive for her Great Reward the Blessed Trinity!... After having shared the same hidden Life, we will enjoy in Our Kingdom the same Glories, the same Throne, the same Palm and the same Crown... Our two Hearts united for Eternity Will love each other same Eternal Love !!!...

                                               Given on Mount Carmel, under our hand and the seal of our arms, on the feast of my agony, the twenty-fourth day of February, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-six.

th. of the child Jesus editor of the divine knight

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