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Therese's correspondence LT 182 – To Sister Geneviève – February 23, 1896

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
MARTIN Céline, Sister Geneviève of the Holy Face



February 23 1896


                My darling little sister, you have asked me to tell you how things will be in Heaven on your wedding day, I am going to try to do it but I sense in advance that I am not even going to outline celebrations that will not take place. can describe, since: The eye of man has not seen, his ear has not heard and his heart cannot foresee what God has in store for those he Loves!...
                On February 24 at midnight, St Peter will open the gates of Heaven; immediately, the angels and the Saints will come out with unparalleled joy to form the court of the King and the Bride.
                The Virgin Mary, immediately preceding the Adorable Trinity, will come forward wearing the royal finery of the Bride, her beloved daughter. With maternal delicacy, before descending to earth, she opens the abyss of purgatory. Immediately countless multitudes of souls will rush towards their liberator, wanting to thank her and learn from her the subject of their unexpected deliverance. The gentle Queen will answer them: “Today is my Son's wedding. Over there on the land of exile, He chose for all eternity a soul, which charms and ravishes Him among millions of others whom He nevertheless created in his image. This privileged soul prayed to me: “On my wedding day, I would like all suffering to be banished in the kingdom of my Spouse. Responding to his call, I come to deliver you... Take your place in our procession, sing with the Blessed, the graces of Jesus and Celine. »
                Then the whole of Heaven will descend to earth, it will find the happy Bride, prostrate before the tabernacle, this one rising at the approach of the Procession will graciously greet the angelic phalanxes and the multitude of Saints, then approaching Mary she will present her forehead to him so that his maternal kiss will prepare her to soon receive the sign and the kiss of the Bridegroom... she rests for a few hours. The whole Celestial court will come and line up in this narrow enclosure, the angels will already want to begin their concerts, but Jesus will say to them in a low voice: "Do not wake up my Beloved, leave me alone with her, for I cannot help myself. separate for a single moment.
                The gentle Queen of Heaven will understand the desire of her Divine Son, she will bring out the luminous procession and lead it to the wedding hall.
                As soon as the preparations for the feast begin, myriads of angels will weave crowns such as are not found on earth, the cherubim will prepare coats of arms more brilliant than diamonds and their delicate brushes will trace in indelible lines the coat of arms of Jesus and by Celine. They will put them everywhere, on the walls, on the arches of the cloisters, in the refectory, in the choir, etc., the painters will be in such large numbers that many masterpieces cannot be placed, so the innocent troop of little children will come to offer themselves to hold them all day before the Bridegroom and the Bride. Smiling, the Angels will refuse to give their coats of arms, they will need them to decorate all the saints and to decorate themselves, in order to show that they are the humble servants of Jesus and Celine. To console the little children, they will give each of them a charming little coat of arms so that they too can join the party, then sending them to pluck roses and lilies, they will continue their splendid preparations...
                The Pontiffs and the Doctors will have a great mission to fulfill. At their request the Lamb will open The Book of Life. They will draw from this book precious documents on the Life of Céline and, to honor her Husband, they will write all the graces of choice, all the hidden sacrifices that they will find traced in gold letters by the hand of the angels. A large number of standards being thus composed by the Doctors, they will reserve the glory of carrying them themselves in front of the royal procession...
                The Apostles will gather all the souls that Céline had already given birth to for eternal life, they will even gather all the spiritual children that she must give birth to in the future to her Divine Spouse.
                The Holy Martyrs will be careful not to remain idle; unparalleled flippers and flaming arrows will be placed with touching delicacy along the entire route of the royal parade. They will want to pay homage to the martyrdom of love which must in a short time consume the life of the happy Spouse...
                It would take me too long to describe the multiplied occupations of the Holy Confessors, Hermits, etc., and of all the Holy Women, suffice it to say that each of them will deploy all his genius, all his delicacy to celebrate with dignity such a beautiful day... I cannot, however, forget the canticle of the virgins, the palms and the lilies which they will present with inexpressible joy to Céline, their dear sister. I can already see Cécile, Geneviève, Agnès with their partner Jeanne the shepherdess, dressed in her warrior costume. I see Céline, the boss of our Fiancée, offering her a bouquet of flowers that bear her name...
                Above all, I see the entire order of Carmel shining with new glory: at its head will appear St Thérèse, St John of the Cross and Mother Geneviève. It is truly their celebration that these splendid nuptials, since Céline is their beloved daughter..
                And will the gracious people of the little Innocents be strangers to the glory of such a beautiful day?... No, I see them playing with their crowns which they have not won, they are preparing to place it on the head of the one who wants to be like them and not win a crown. They are proud as kings and gracefully shake their blond heads, because they triumph to see their big sister taking them as models... Suddenly a Mother of inexpressible beauty comes in the middle of them, she stops and taking four of the charming cherubs by the hand, she adorns them with garments whiter than lilies and with diamonds which sparkle like dew in the sun. the other children at this sight are surprised at such a preference, one of them timidly approaches little Thérèse and asks her why this beautiful Lady dresses them with such great wealth. - “It is, answers little Thérèse in her silvery voice, that we are the sisters and brothers of the happy bride of King Jesus. Hélène and I are going to be bridesmaids with the two little Josephs who will be holding our hands. Dad and Mom, whom you see with us, will lead us with our little sisters who are still exiled on earth, the whole family being reunited we will enjoy unparalleled happiness. In the excess of her joy, little Thérèse will begin to clap her cute little hands, whiter than a swan's wing, then she will exclaim, jumping on her Papa's and Mama's necks: “Oh! how beautiful! how beautiful! the wedding of our dear sister... Already three times we have come here to similar parties for Marie, Pauline and Thérèse (the little thief who stole my name from me) but never have I seen such grand preparations, we can clearly see that Céline is the last one!...”
                Little Hélène and little Joseph will also reflect charmingly on their happiness at belonging to the family of the Queen of such a beautiful celebration. Then a few little children who will have listened to them, their heads gravely resting on their little hands, will gently stand up and declare that they too are Celine's brothers. To prove it, they will explain how and from which side this illustrious relationship comes to them. Only cries of joy will be heard and the Blessed Virgin will be obliged to come and restore calm among the children's troop. All the Saints will come too. Learning the cause of this extraordinary joy, they will find the idea so charming that each of them will hasten to draw up a genealogy which will show that he is the close relative of Céline. Thus all the Pontiffs, the glorious Martyrs, the warriors (at their head St Sebastian), in a word, all the nobility of Heaven will take pride in giving the name this sister to the Bride of Jesus and the Wedding will be composed only of a big and same family.
                But let's come back to the handsome old man, the beautiful lady, the four cherubs. Their toilet finished, they will enter the chapter, the angels will bow when they see them pass and point out to them the magnificent thrones prepared for them, on each side of the humble chair intended for the dear little Mother. It is between her hands that, in a few hours, the indissoluble bonds which must unite Jesus and Celine will be formed, so this Mother, small in the eyes of creatures and great in the eyes of Him whose place she holds, will receive the most abundant blessings of his dear parents, in order to pour them on the head of his beloved sister and child...
                Each Saint, each angel, will come to congratulate the Venerable Patriarch and his happy Spouse, they will radiate an entirely new glory, and their dear little children will cry out in their admiration: “O Papa! oh mama! you are beautiful! what a pity that Céline does not see you!... for today only, show her your glory.”
                “Leave it to me, my children, Papa will reply, you don't know that if I'm hiding today, it's because I know how much my courage will draw from remaining without consolation in exile. I used to suffer a lot, then Céline was my only support, now I want to be hers, but don't think that I want to take away the merit of her suffering, oh! no, I know the price too well... The Good Lord does not allow himself to be outdone in generosity. It is already my great reward and will soon be that of my faithful Céline. » - « It's very true, mum will say in her turn, it's better not to show us to her, on a foreign land, since Céline is only exiled there for a moment, to fight and die. The day will soon come when Jesus will truly be the Master and my little daughter the Mistress, she told me so when she was very small and I can see that she was right! This familiar conversation will be interrupted by the angels who will come to announce with great pomp that the bride is ready to go to the Wedding Mass, then the procession will line up in perfect order and will precede Jesus and Celine surrounded by their family from Heaven and from that of the earth. I cannot describe Jesus' transports of love for Céline, her radiant beauty (because she will be dressed in the adornment that Mary herself had brought). I don't know if the inhabitants of Heaven will have ever seen such a beautiful party, but I don't think so, as for me, I tell my darling little sister, I will never have seen one so sweet for my heart!.. .
                I will not speak of the very moment of union, because words cannot express this incomprehensible mystery which must only be revealed to us in Heaven. I only know that at that moment the Trinity will descend into the soul of my dear Céline, and will possess her completely, giving her a splendor and an innocence superior to that of Baptism... I know that the Blessed Virgin will become the Mother of her privileged in a more intimate, more maternal way pass..
                I know that poor little Thérèse already feels such great joy in her heart at the thought of the beautiful day that is about to begin that she wonders what she will feel when it has truly arrived!...
                Darling little sister, my soul has translated its feelings very badly... I was thinking so many things about the feasts of Heaven that it was only possible for me to sketch the subject...
                I don't have a wedding present to give my Céline, but tomorrow I'll take in my arms the charming cherubim I told her about and it's they themselves that I'll give her; since we want to remain children we must unite with them, so I will be the bridesmaid of the bridesmaid with a beautiful bouquet of lilies. Everything is ours, everything is for us, because in Jesus we have everything!...

The little sister of Céline Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face

                I forgot to say that when she wakes up, Céline will find Jesus, Mary, the good St Joseph whom she loves so much, near her, with Papa, Mama, and the little angels, they will be the ones who will wash her. I again forgot to say the joy of Jesus on hearing Céline pronounce for the first time the words of the Holy Office which will then be her office, to her, the wife of her heart in charge of charming him in the middle of the camps! .. .

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