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Therese's correspondence LT 018 – To Mr. Martin – August 25, 1885

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus


 August 25, 1885
            My darling little daddy,

            If you were in Lisieux, we should wish you your birthday today, but since you are not there, I still want to wish you more than ever a lot of happiness and above all a lot of fun during your birthday. journey. I hope my darling little father that you are having a lot of fun and that you are very happy to travel. I think of you constantly and I pray to the good Lord that he gives you a lot of pleasure and that you come back soon in good health. My darling daddy for your birthday Pauline had written me some pretty verses so that I could recite them to you on your birthday, but since I can't I'm going to write them to you:

A Little Queen's Wishes for
for the feast of his Papa-King.

If I were little Dove
Dad do you know where I would go?
Your heart would be my nest, my grave
There I will stay forever.

If my name was swallow
Often on sunny days
I would come to rest my wing
Father in the shelter of your love.

If I was a little robin
I will stay in your garden
From your hand the smallest grain of barley
Would become a real feast for me.

If I were a wild nightingale
I would quickly leave my wood
To come to this cool bocage
Sing all my tunes at once.

If I was a little star
I would always like to be at night
At this hour when the day is veiled
To give you a ray of hope.

Long through your window
I would shine with a thousand lights
And don't want to disappear
Without telling you a little about the Heavens.

And if I was a beautiful archangel
With wings all garnished with gold
Dad if I were a little angel
Towards you I would soar.

I will show you my homeland
In a mysterious dream
I'll tell you after life
For you this luminous throne.

If you wanted white wings
I'll bring you some from the skies
And towards the eternal shores
We would both fly away.

But I don't have a shining wing
I am not a Seraph
I am a little girl
That we still hold by the hand.

I am a shy dawn
A modest flower bud
The ray that makes me hatch
Dear little Dad, it's your heart!

Growing up I see your soul
Full of the God of love
This blessed example ignites me
And I want to follow you too.

I want to become on earth
Your joy, your consolation
I want to imitate you, Little Father
You so tender, so sweet, so good.

I would have something else to say
But we must finally stop
Daddy give me your smile
On my forehead place a kiss

Goodbye My beloved Dad. Your Queen who loves you with all her heart


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