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Therese's correspondence LT 159 – To Céline Maudelonde – March 26, 1894

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
MAUDELONDE Celine, Mrs Pottier



In Carmel on March 26, 1894

                My dear little Celine,

                I would have liked to be able to answer your letter sooner, which made me very happy, Lent prevented me from doing so, but at last it is Pascal time and I can tell my dear little Cousin the part I take in his happiness.
                The great peace that you experience is for me a very clear sign of the will of the Good God, because it is only He who can spread it in your soul and the happiness that you taste under His Divine gaze can only come from Him. Dear little Céline, I cannot show you my affection as I would if I were still in the world, however she is no less lively for that, on the contrary I feel that in solitude I will be more useful to you than if I had the consolation of being with you. The gates of Carmel are not made to separate hearts that love each other only in Jesus, rather they serve to make the bonds that unite them stronger.
                While you follow the path that the Good Lord has traced for you, I will pray for my Céline, the companion of my childhood, I will ask for her that all her joys be so pure that she can always taste them under the eye of God. Above all, I would ask that she taste the incomparable joy of bringing a soul back to Our Lord and that this soul be the one that must soon become one with hers.
                I do not doubt that this grace will soon be granted to you, and I would be happy if my feeble prayers had contributed a little to it.
                I hope that my dear little Hélène is now cured, the moment would be very badly chosen to be ill!... all my most tender kisses, I am sure that I could not choose better to fulfill this sweet mission...
                Mother Marie de Gonzague is one with your three cousins ​​of Carmel to rejoice in your happiness, they beg you, my dear Céline, to offer their respectful memories to Monsieur and Madame Maudelonde.
                I leave you, my darling Céline, always remaining united in heart.
                Your little cousin who will love you all her life and won't stop praying for your happiness.

Sr Thérèse of the Child Jesus rel.carm.ind. [unworthy Carmelite nun]

                (PS) The Mother Prioress of the Carmel of Saigon having sent us a large number of Chinese objects, among others a charming little living room piece of furniture, Our Mother thought of putting them into a lottery for the benefit of our community, the tickets are 0 F50, we offer some to all friends of our Carmel, if you want some we will be happy to send you some. 

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