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Therese's correspondence LT 152 – To Mrs. Guérin – November 17, 1893

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus




In Carmel on November 17, 93

                My dear Aunt,

                How sweet it is for your little Thérèse to come every year to offer you her birthday wishes!
                However, I have nothing new to tell you, you have known for a long time how much I love you.
                Dear little Aunt, by repeating it to you again I am not afraid of boring you and here is the reason which makes me think so. When I am near the Tabernacle I only know how to say one thing to Our Lord: "My God, you know that I love you." And I feel that my prayer does not tire Jesus, knowing the impotence of his poor little wife, He is satisfied with her good will. I also know very well that the Good Lord has spread something of the love with which his Heart overflows in the hearts of mothers... And the one to whom I am speaking has received maternal love in such a large measure that I then fear of feeling misunderstood...
                Besides, my impotence will not last forever, in the Heavenly homeland I will be able to tell my darling little Aunt many things that cannot be expressed in human words.
                In the meantime, I ask Our Lord to leave her on earth for a very long time who knows how to work so well for his glory and I want her to see “the children of her grandchildren”. Maybe my little sister Jeanne would smile if she read these lines, but I have much more confidence than her and I am waiting for "the great Saint and the great Pontiff" followed by a large number of other little angels .
                My dear Aunt, tomorrow I will make Holy Communion for you and also for Madame Fournet, I often think of her and pray Our Lord to preserve her for you for a long time yet.
                I beg you, my dear Aunt, to kiss my good Uncle for me and I charge him and my little Sisters to shower you with my most tender caresses.
                Your little Benjamin, who is proud of his title.

Sr Thérèse of the Child Jesus rel.carm.ind. 

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