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Therese's correspondence LT 150 – To Mrs. La Néele – October 22, 93

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus




In Carmel on October 22, 93

                My dear Joan,

                It's my turn to apologize to you, because I'm way late to thank you for all your treats, but I had a small hope of telling you in person my gratitude and that's why I I put off writing to you.
                Oh no ! I didn't have the ugly thought that my little Sister was forgetting me, but I found it quite natural that she should content herself with saying a prayer for her little Thérèse, so I was more touched than I can say in receiving your kind letter. The wishes of my dear Cousin were also very sensitive to me. Finally the jars of jams came to put the crown on all your delicacies for me!... Our Mother Ste Thérèse was so grateful that she said pleasantly “that we won her heart with a sardine”. What would she have said if she had known Francis and Jeanne?...
                But Heaven is not so far from earth that she cannot see them and bless them. I even have the confidence that she particularly cherishes my dear Jeanne.
                Our Blessed Mother also had a sister named Jeanne and I was very touched when reading her life to see how tenderly she watched over her little nephews. Also, without leaving aside the good Saint Anne, I address myself to Ste Thérèse to obtain by her intercession to be Aunt me too, I do not doubt that she will answer me by sending to my dear little Jeanne a family blessing which will give the Church great Saints and Saints.
                The delay does not discourage me because I know that it takes a long time for the court of Rome to make Saints and I cannot blame the good Lord for putting all his care and his love into the preparation of the little souls He will confide one day to my Jeanne.
                I beg you, my little Sister, address a prayer to St Thérèse, I am sure that St Anne will be happy about it, unity is strength and together they will obtain for us the grace that we seek.
                I beg you, my dear Jeanne, to be my interpreter with Francis to thank him for his good wishes and I embrace you from the heart with all the tenderness of a little sister.

Thérèse of the Child Jesus rel.carm.ind.

                Our Mother and Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart send you a thousand tenderness and never stop praying that the wishes of their dear little Jeanne may be fully granted. 

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