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Therese's correspondence LT 137 – To Celine – October 19, 1892

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
MARTIN Céline, Sister Geneviève of the Holy Face




In Carmel October 19, 1892

                My dear Celine,

                Formerly, in the days of our childhood, we rejoiced at our feast because of the small gifts that we exchanged with each other. The smallest object had then in our eyes an unequaled value... Soon the scene changed, the wings having grown to the youngest of the birds he flew away from the sweet nest of his childhood, then all illusions vanished ! Summer had succeeded to spring, to the dreams of youth the reality of life...
                Céline, wasn't it at this decisive moment that the ties that chained our hearts were tightened? Yes separation has united us in a way that language cannot express. Our childlike tenderness has changed into a union of feelings, a unity of souls and thoughts. Who was able to accomplish this marvel?... Ah! he is the one who stole our hearts. “This beloved chosen from among a thousand, whose only scent of his perfumes is enough to lead him in his wake. Following in his footsteps, the young girls lightly walk the path. (Cant. of Cant.)
                Jesus drew us together though in different ways, together He lifted us above all the frail things of this passing figure world, He put all things so to speak under our feet. Like Zacchaeus we climbed a tree to see Jesus... So we could say with Saint John of the Cross: "All is mine, all is for me, the earth is mine, the heavens are mine, God is mine and the Mother of my God is mine." Regarding the Blessed Virgin, I must entrust to you one of my simplicity with her, sometimes I find myself saying to her: "But my good Blessed Virgin, I find that I am happier than you, because I have you for Mother , and you, you have no Blessed Virgin to love... It is true that you are the Mother of Jesus, but you have given us this Jesus entirely... and He on the cross gave you to us as Mother. So we are richer than you since we have Jesus and you are ours too. Formerly in your humility you wished to be one day the little servant of the happy Virgin who would have the honor of being the Mother of God, and now I, poor little creature, am not your servant, but your child, you are the Mother of Jesus and you are my Mother.” No doubt the Blessed Virgin must be laughing at my naivety and yet what I tell her is quite true!... Céline, what a mystery our greatness in Jesus... This is all that Jesus showed us by making us climb the symbolic tree I was telling you about earlier. And now what science is He going to teach us? Didn't He teach us everything?... Let us listen to what He tells us: "Hurry down, I must stay with you today." Oh what! Jesus tells us to come down... Where should we get off? Celine, you know this better than me, however let me tell you where we must now follow Jesus. Formerly the Jews asked our divine Savior: "Master, where are you staying?" and He answered them, "The foxes have their dens, the birds of the sky their nests, and I have nowhere to lay my head." This is where we must descend in order to be able to serve as a dwelling place for Jesus. To be so poor that we have nowhere to lay our heads. This, my darling Céline, is what Jesus did in my soul during my retreat... You understand that it is about the interior. Besides, hasn't the exterior already been reduced to nothing, by the so painful ordeal of Caen?... In our dear Father, Jesus has reached us in the most sensitive outer part of our heart, now let him do it, He will know how to complete his work in our souls... What Jesus desires is that we receive him in our hearts, no doubt they are already empty of creatures, but alas! I feel that mine is not completely empty of me and that is why Jesus tells me to come down... He, the King of kings, humbled himself so that his face was hidden and no one recognized him... and I too want to hide my face, I want only my beloved to be able to see it, only He to be able to count my tears...
                Céline, I cannot tell you what I would like, my soul is powerless... Ah! if I could!... But no, that's not in my power... why do I grieve, don't you always think what I think?... So everything I don't tell you you guess it. Jesus makes it feel in your heart. Besides, has he not made his home there to console himself for the crimes of sinners? Yes, it is there in the intimate retreat of the soul that He teaches us together, and one day he will show us the day that will no longer have a sunset...
                Happy holiday ! how sweet it will be one day for your Therese to celebrate her in Heaven!...

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