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Therese's correspondence LT 131 – To Jeanne La Néele (Jeanne Guérin) – October 17, 1891

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus




In Carmel October 17, 91

                My dear little Jeanne,

                I don't know how to thank you for your delicate attention.
                I was very touched to see that the name of Francis accompanied that of Jeanne to celebrate me, so it is to both of them that I send my thanks.
                It is my divine Spouse that I charge to pay my debt; since I am poor because of Him, it is quite right that He should not refuse what I ask of Him for those I love.
                I assure you, my dear Jeanne, that if you do not forget the smallest of your sisters, she too often thinks of you, and you know that for a Carmelite to remember and above all to love is to pray. My poor prayers are no doubt not worth very much, but I hope, however, that Jesus will answer them and that instead of looking at the one who addresses them to him, He will fix his eyes on those who are the object of them, and thus He will be obliged to grant me all my requests. I hope that soon the good Lord will send a little Isidore as perfect as his Dad or else a little Jeanne looking exactly like his Mum... I also ask that the pharmacy be finally sold, I would like nothing to be missing from the perfect happiness of my dear little sister and that of my good cousin. But on earth there will always be some little cloud since life cannot happen without it and only in Heaven will joy be perfect, but I want the good Lord to spare those I love as much as possible from suffering. inevitable in life, even if it means taking for me if necessary the trials that He has in store for them.
                Sr. Marie of the Sacred Heart asks me to thank you very much for what you sent for the empty pocket, it is really too kind of you, especially since Our Mother was happy to be able to offer you this little work. I only have the space left to say thank you again for me and for my sisters and to send you and our dear cousin the assurance of the affection of the last of your sisters who is not the smallest in the tenderness she has for you...

Sr Thérèse of the Child Jesus rel.carm.ind.

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