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Therese's correspondence LT 129 – To Celine – July 8, 1891

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
MARTIN Céline, Sister Geneviève of the Holy Face




July 8 1891

                My dear Celine,

                Your little word spoke a lot to my soul. He has been for me like a faithful echo that repeats all my thoughts...
                Our dear Mother is still very ill, it is very sad to see those we love suffer like this. However, do not worry too much, although Jesus really wants to enjoy the presence of our dear Mother in Heaven, He cannot refuse us to leave us still on earth the presence of the one whose maternal hand knows us so well. to lead and console us in the exile of life... Oh! that it is exile, exile from the earth especially at these hours when everything seems to abandon us... But it is then that it is precious, it is then that the days of salvation shine, yes Céline darling, only suffering can give birth to souls for Jesus... Is it any wonder that we are so well served, we whose only desire is to save a soul that seems forever lost... The details really interested me, while making my heart beat very hard... But I'm going to give you still others that are no more consoling. The unfortunate prodigal went to Coutances where he resumed the conferences of Caen. It seems that he intends to travel through France in this way... Céline... And with all this we add that it is easy to see that remorse gnaws at him, he travels through the churches with a large crucifix and he seems to make great adorations... His wife follows him everywhere. Céline darling, he is very guilty, more guilty perhaps than a converted sinner has ever been, but can't Jesus do once what He has never done before? And if He did not desire it, would He have placed in the hearts of his poor little wives a desire that he could not realize?... No, it is certain that he desires more than us to bring this poor lost sheep; a day will come when he will open his eyes and then who knows if France will not be traveled by him for a completely different purpose than the one he has in mind. Let's not get tired of praying, trust works miracles and Jesus said to Blessed Margaret Mary: "A just soul has so much power over my heart that it can obtain the forgiveness of a thousand criminals." No one knows if he is just or sinful but, Céline, Jesus gives us the grace to feel deep in our hearts that we would rather die than offend him, and then it is not our merits, but those of our husband which are ours that we offer to our Father who is in Heaven, so that our brother, a son of the Blessed Virgin, may return defeated and throw himself under the mantle of the most merciful of Mothers...
                Céline darling, I have to finish, guess the rest, there are still volumes to guess!...
                Kiss everyone for me and everything you want to say to them from me, I mean it!...

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